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Orlie's Incredible Hand Lettering

We love visitors. If we had our way, everyone who ordered a print from 3 Fish Studios would be able to pop by our happy Outer Sunset hub in person to pick it out or pick it up—then hang out with a hot coffee or cold beer and enjoy our sunny space.

That being said: Snail mail rules, and we’re big, big fans of folks who find our website and buy online. Our production specialist Orlie Kapitulnik is a certifiable creative whiz, and every envelope we prep and send out gets her special treatment.

Look at the freehand magic she makes with a plain old pencil and Sharpee. So good!

She also teaches our printmaking classes; we've got a couple coming up on May 12th and 19th, or June 2nd and 9th (sign up here!). What a gal!

May 05, 2015 by Jordan Kushins

Hooray! It’s Bookstore Day!

It’s going to be a beautiful weekend! The forecast calls for paperbacks, hardbacks, and lots of happy browsing; that’s right, Saturday, May 2nd—that’s today!—is the second annual California Bookstore Day. It’s the perfect opportunity to show support for the small local businesses and offline havens that sell so, so, so many stories—and this year, for the first time, the whole country’s getting in on the action.

Indie stores across America are offering limited edition, festive goodies commissioned by names we know and love—Margaret Atwood! Stephen King!—and guess what? 3 Fish Studios, too! Annie and Eric teamed up with San Francisco stalwart Green Apple Books to design something special to celebrate the occasion.


The Literary Map of the Seas brings together some of the most famous fictional, fantastical characters from our most beloved watery worlds into one incredible print. It’s a place where Sebastian Junger’s Perfect Storm meets Melville’s Moby Dick, and the Swiss Family Robinson gang hang with Pippi Longstocking.

Just like with last year's Literary Map of California, Bookstore Day champion Samantha Schoech provided Annie with a list of the titles to include, and then it was up to her to come up with an illustrated icon to represent each. She sketched out everything first in pen and ink or a “tiny little brush” and black wash, then scanned the set with Eric to make adjustments and assemble everything together in Photoshop. “It was like putting together a puzzle,” she says. Now that it's done, it can also double as a handy reading to-do list for the nautically inclined. (If Eric gets his way, next year's will be set in space, but Annie has her sights set on drawing the ever-expanding YA universe.)

Almost a thousand were printed on-site here at our studio in the lovely Outer Sunset, then embossed, signed, and sent out for this very special, one-afternoon-only event. 

You can pick up a poster of your own on Saturday, May 2nd at Green Apple Books on the Park; Annie will be there from noon to 2pm doing live printing demos of a custom bookmark (with more goings-ons and info here).

Can’t make it for the fun in SF? Check out this handy map of indie shops around the US and find one near you, and follow the happenings at the official Bookstore Day Twitter feed here

Have a great time out there!


May 02, 2015 by Jordan Kushins

A New Year

Hello, this is Annie enjoying a crisp sunny Sunday in our studio. After the craziness of the holidays I always love getting back into the swing of making new work in January. I am currently working on drawings of surfers and local houses for a large public mural in the neighborhood. Thankfully, I am not the one who has to get on a lift and actually paint it, but I am happy to be contributing some drawings, and I'm looking forward to seeing them eight feet tall on the wall.


I'm also excited about working on some new collage work. I like to paint my own patterned paper  and characters, which I then cut out and juxtapose with images from vintage books. I just place things next to each other until they make sense, and then the glue comes out. I pair images with phrases I have painted in ink.  They can be overheard snippets of conversation, dialog from a movie, or lines from songs and poems. 

Eric is also working on new prints. Just today he finished a new carving of the Golden Gate Bridge. He pulled a proof on the press, was pleased, and then went off to watch the Forty Niners/Packers game!

I am enjoying the calm today, listening to Alison Krauss radio on Pandora and drinking tea. 

Last month, this was the usual scene at weekends, a studio full of visitors and me walking around with an iPad taking Square payments. I like that too of course!

January 05, 2014 by Annie Galvin

Prints on Bamboo

We're so excited that our shipment from Plywerk came in time for the holidays. Our prints on canvas look gorgeous on 1.5 inch solid bamboo, and oh my, the heft of them! We decided to stick with the 8" x 10" size this time. We got a few of a larger size last time, but because we like the deeper profile, they were too heavy.

A cool thing about the deep bamboo mount is that they have a hole on the back so you can hang them on the wall, but they also stand up straight and securely by themselves - perfect for bookshelf art!

We'll have these for sale at the studio for $80, and at the Renegade Craft Fair in December too.

November 06, 2013 by Annie Galvin

Meet the King!

Watch Eric's newest print - King Gidorrah - as it is being pulled in the studio.   Archival digital copies available here for $50.00.
November 01, 2013 by Eric Rewitzer

Let the Good Times Roll

August 22, 2013 by Eric Rewitzer


Life just got a little different at 3 Fish Studios. This is the first week that both Annie and Eric are here at the studio as full-time artists and business owners. It was time for Annie to quit her job and get busy helping Eric care for this thriving little business we've worked so hard to build.

Already we've seen a difference. Now there are two of us to split tasks like running errands, packing and shipping artwork, and making deliveries to the stores that carry our work. Most importantly, it gives each of us more undistracted time making art or playing with new ideas, and more time to engage with visitors and share our story.

Today for example, Eric spent the day getting his hands dirty printmaking, and Annie made deliveries and checked up on several stores (and in the process accidentally had a scoop of salted caramel ice cream from the new Bi-Rite store on Divisidero). We both felt productive and happy taking care of business.

It's the dawn of a new era, and we couldn't be more excited!

April 16, 2013 by Annie Galvin

Our Story

October 17, 2012 by Eric Rewitzer

Our New Digs


Our new studio is located in the Outer Sunset district of San Francisco, just a few blocks from the Pacific Ocean.  We were definitely thinking about the sea and surf when we designed the new tile work for the front of the house.  It fits right in here near the beach.

Here are some interior shots, taken by the good people at Shopify.  Shopify provides our e-commerce framework, hosting this site and handling all of our online orders.  We have grown together, and they are wonderful partners to have if you ever want to grow your online business.  They will be featuring 3 Fish Studio in an upcoming campaign - stay tuned to learn more.

The building was built in 1917, and it was an old grocery store.  It cleaned up nicely with some TLC and 15 gallons of paint.  This is a shot looking down at the main room.  We have our printmaking equipment here, as well as a nice retail area to showcase our paintings and prints.

We attached some white picture frames to the wall to make a nice display.  Fun to browse through when you visit.

Upstairs, Annie has her little painting loft.  All of her canvas and paints and brushes have their own room, and she spends hours here with nice southern exposure.

We even have a little yard.  Perfect for a relaxing cup of coffee, or cold beer.  We'd love for you to visit! We are open Tuesdays thru Saturdays from noon until 6pm, and by appointment if those times do not work with your schedule.

We are incredibly grateful for this turn of events.  Life is good.

July 10, 2012 by Eric Rewitzer

Lets Do Sunset


Since we began making art back in the '80s, it seems we have consistently gone back to three things to move our careers along:  Moving west, taking risks, and working hard.  Moving west for Annie meant coming to California from Ireland.  For Eric, it was taking the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco.  When we both landed here around 1989, we had no idea who each other was, much less what lay ahead of us.  But in San Francisco, we found a place where people encouraged us to find our way.  With that kind of support, it was easy to think big, and to take risks.

Working in restaurants, bars, newspapers, print shops, software companies, banks, ad agencies - all of these were great opportunities that were put in front of us over the years.  It's always a risk to leave one job and take on another, but the hope is that you move forward.  Move closer to doing what you want to do.  And in 2006, it was time to take the biggest risk to date - to open 3 Fish Studios.  This meant Eric leaving a good job, and Annie trusting that it would all work out.  Hard work? You bet.

Anyone trying to grow a business over these last five years can appreciate the challenge, but that is where the secret sauce of San Francisco comes in.  Filled with inspiring people - beautiful sights - creative outlets.  And a wonderful thing happened during our journey; more and more people started seeking out work by independent artists and appreciating the quality that is inherent in handmade goods.  With the support of customers like you, some great local businesses that carry our work, and the exposure we have received at various art fairs, we managed to build a nice little business.  Selling our art.  It's pretty cool.

For the past five years, we've happily made the commute from our home near Ocean Beach, on the west side of San Francisco, to our lovely studio, located in the Dogpatch district of the City.  When we opened this place, Dogpatch was still a sleepy little out-of-the-way neighborhood on SF's east side that was hardly anyone's destination.  But we've seen it blossom.  All kinds of small, creative businesses have either started up or relocated here during our watch, and we love being part of the community.

We've also welcomed the many folks who have braved the street parking and the three flights of stairs to visit us, either to buy a something off our wall or take a printmaking class.  This walk-in business has grown a lot this last year, and it got us to thinking how we could use our resources to provide a better experience.  

So this February, as we were driving to a new bakery in our neighborhood by Ocean Beach, we saw a For Sale sign on a building that piqued our interest.  It was on an old grocery store,  in another great neighborhood burgeoning with creative, entrepreneurial businesses - the Outer Sunset.  The Outer Sunset is located only five minutes from our house.  After a quick discussion, we called up the listing agent to look at the place. It was perfect. We realized that if we could get in there, our payments would be close to our current rent. The next day we made an offer.  To our surprise it was accepted, and over the course of the next two months we somehow managed to secure an SBA loan and financing, and now - here's the big news - it is ours.  Well, the bank's.  But ours all the same.

In keeping with our recurrent themes of moving forward: it is west, just about as far west as you can get in the United States.  In fact, it is a mere three blocks from the ocean.  It is a risk, because what we just did is crazy.  CRAZY. But it feels like the right move.  And it will be hard work, but it is doing the work we love.

Over the course of the next 30 days, we will be moving our studio over to the beach.  We'll keep you up to date on the progress here on our blog.  And we'll keep shipping any online orders that come in.  We plan on having a big going-away party to say goodbye to Dogpatch, and another party when we officially open the new space.  You'll be invited.  Because it is people like you that help make dreams like this come true.  We thank you, and are so grateful for your continued support as we enter this next phase.

Let's do Sunset. 

April 30, 2012 by Eric Rewitzer