Begin or build your collection of Eric Rewitzer's artwork with these
affordable, carefully crafted, archival-quality reproductions. Printed with
8-color archival inks and signed and embossed by the artist himself, add
a touch of personal style to your home or give a perfect gift that's sure to
bring joy and beauty to any space. Ready for small to very, very large
sizes, experience the art that put Eric on the printmaking map!

To see a selection of Eric's original work, click here.

How They Are Made

As a printmaker, Eric creates his intricate depictions of both urban and
natural environments in woodcut and linocut prints. Each original print
begins with photographs (typically his own) that he hand-transfers onto
a piece of linoleum (or wood). Using Japanese wood-carving tools, it
takes Eric anywhere from 40-80 hours just to carve the plate. As each
design must be carved in reverse, Eric revels in the technical challenges
of bringing his art to life in this rewarding medium. Once he’s achieved
his desired plate, he produces each print by hand – inking the plate, then
printing on Rives BFK paper with a Conrad Machine Etching Press.

About these prints

We scan Eric’s original prints to a create high quality digital
reproduction, which we then print with8-color archival inks on archival
bright white heavyweight paper. The result is beautiful and vibrant, and
every digital print is printed, trimmed, signed and embossed by Eric at
his studio in the Sierra Nevada foothills.

Meet Eric Rewitzer

Eric was born and raised on the industrial shores of Lake Michigan. He
took the California Zephyr from Chicago to San Francisco in 1987. It
was a one-way ticket. Eric finds constant inspiration in the natural
variation of the California landscape and the diversity of Californian
When not in the studio, you can find Eric maintaining his property in
the Sierra Nevada, taking a cold plunge, cooking, listening to a wide
range of music, and taking his dog Woody for a walk.

Need a different size?

We can print up to 44” wide on most of our designs, so contact us for a
quote if you need a specific size.