Manzanita Magnificent Fundraising Print

Manzanita Magnificent Fundraising Print

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Created to raise money to support those affected by wildfires, this print by Fernando Reyes captures the beauty of the trees found on his property in El Dorado County, a  mere mile and a half from the western edge of the CALDOR fire in August 2021.

Customer Reviews

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Pam Hagen
Magnificent Indeed!

I just had it framed and hung it yesterday. I love it. It’s branches reaching for the sky and the fire like colors of the twisting trunk capture both the beauty of manzanita and the purpose of this fundraiser.

Jacqueline Guillory
I love it

Beautiful print. For me the artist captured what I love most - the bark. I see Manzanita often while out hiking and camping. Now I have that beauty in my house. Thank you for making the print available and for helping people in need. A win win and a silver lining to boot.

Carol K
Captures colorful California

I've always loved the colorful contrast between the red-hued Manzanita bark and the vibrant blue California skies, so I jumped at the chance to purchase this print, and to help support fire relief efforts at the same time. The print arrived safely and is great quality - it will look perfect in our dining room, which faces the California hills dotted with Manzanitas and poppies.

Janice Polizzi
Manzanita Magnificent

I love this print for so many reasons!

Rosie Torres
F Reyes Loyal collector

Gorgeous piece to accompany my original of similar style, glad to help relief efforts in this way!