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#365AnnieDoodles Week 10: Words of Wisdom, a New Cast of Characters

Posted by Jordan Kushins on

This week's doodle dispatches are coming live from Florida, where Eric and Annie are spending a bit of a vacay with family. But as we learned last week, Galvin doesn't need no stinkin' studio to do her work! She just takes her tools with her and gets on with it. 

Here she is riffing on one of her favorites from the past seven days: 


We've also added a bunch more to our online shop, if you're so inclined... (Eventually they'll all make it up there! Hang tight!)


And here are the rest of her mini-masterpieces. Until next week, follow along on Instagram and Pinterest for the latest!

Doodle 66. Am I more than you bargained for yet? Collage on wallpaper. #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 68. Suddenly you made my day. There have been a lot of blue birds recently! #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 69. A product of a late night and an extra glass of wine ? #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 70. We can do hard things. Oh I love this one! Makes up for yesterday's weirdness. #365anniedoodles

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