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Artwork by annie galvin

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Artwork by eric rewitzer

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What customers say

This was the first large piece of art I’ve purchased and I absolutely love it. Great customer service as well. I’ll be buying from them for years to come.

Andrew C.

Please know that this art has really come to mean a great deal to me, a trail of breadcrumbs leading me home.

Emily O.

This couple makes the art to watch, the art to collect, and the art to love for the rest of your life.  Buy originals while you can....

Thomas M.

Annie and Eric's work never fails to lift my heart and buoy my spirit through even the toughest days.

Laura C.

We highly recommend 3 Fish Studios for beautiful and interesting art and look forward to filling our home with more. 

Gabe W. and Kristin S.

As a long time fan, I have a number of pieces from Eric and Annie. They offer me pleasant reminders of my travels along the west coast.

Jeanette K.

Annie’s art gives my home a sense of warmth that I haven’t found in any other decor. In my Zoom meetings, I love that my background is basically a love letter to California and San Francisco.

Alyssa R.


Learn about Annie and Eric’s creative collaboration to make the captivating California Rising print. Enjoy this 10 minute award-winning documentary that will leave you inspired.

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