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What exactly is a relief print?


Great question! Relief printing requires carving into something—we use linoleum plates—to remove material and create two levels of surface area. The top layer is inked, and makes its mark on a sheet of paper. Think: rubber stamps like you used as a kid, or woodblocks.


Relief printing is Eric’s speciality; almost all of his work—including the Japanese monsters, the Yosemite vistas, the TK, and the TK—are all relief prints.



I’ve never made one of those before. Should I have any previous experience before I sign up?


Nope! We’ll give you all the know-how you need.


Also: I can’t draw. 


Not a problem! You’ll actually be working from an existing image of your choosing, rather than sketching something on the spot.


Ah, okay. But what if I don’t know what image to use?


This can be a toughie! We encourage you to select an image with clean lines and good contrast, but most of all something that has meaning to you: landscape or city photographs are great, and lots of folks love to do their pets; symbols/icons work well (think band logos or geometric shapes); short quotes in a nice font look fantastic. Once you sign up, feel free to email us for guidance—we’ll be able to give feedback to help you make a solid choice.


What will I learn?


These classes take place over two consecutive Tuesday evenings. On the first night, you’ll learn how to transfer your image to a linoleum plate, and some basic carving techniques; you’ll have time to carve on-site, and can take tools home to work on your lino for the week. On the second, you’ll come in with your finished (or almost finished!) block and we’ll jump right into printing; first, basic black-and-whites, followed by colors, gradients, and other processes like chine-colle.


And what will I leave with in the end?


Such great stuff! Once both sessions are through, you’ll go home with your hand-carved linoleum plate that can be reused forever (yes, really!); a limited edition set of prints; the skills to keep creating relief prints; and some new pals in the Outer Sunset.


Sounds really fun.


It totally is!


Do you have any pics of work from previous students I could check out?


We sure do! Check out this awesome selection from printmaking first-timers:



Sold. If I take a pair of classes and love it, can I sign up for more sessions?


Absolutely! We can tailor classes to suit all levels; intermediate options include carving a larger block, or creating a multiple block print.


I have another question that you didn’t answer here.


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