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About Us

Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin are printmakers and painters, husband and wife, and founders of 3 Fish Studios. The Outer Sunset hub is home to their workshop and studio, where art happens daily and visitors are always welcome; they love collaborating, making, and sharing creative ideas with cool folks.

Annie was born and raised in Ireland. She worked as an illustrator in Dublin before moving to San Francisco in 1989, two weeks before the earthquake.  Annie is inspired by San Francisco, people-watching, textile designs, walks, gardens, short stories, and her own dreams and daydreams. She doodles constantly.

Eric was born and raised on the industrial shores of Lake Michigan. He studied at the Cleveland Institute of Art, and moved to the west coast in 1987. Eric finds constant inspiration in the scale and diversity of the the California culture and landscape, and will forever love the mix of natural beauty, urban grit, and human diversity on display in San Francisco.

Annie and Eric met in Berkeley in 1998, were married in 2001, and started 3 Fish Studios in 2007. From its original space in the Dogpatch to its now permanent place in the Ocean Beach Republic, the pair have created a dedicated space where they can make and show their work together, and invite people to do the same. 


Our Studio Manager



Orlie Kapitulnik, a Bay Area native, is a freelance illustrator and printmaking instructor living in San Francisco.  She received her BFA in print arts and visual design at the University of California at Davis.  Orlie teaches many of our Linocut Printmaking classes.

Orlie finds inspiration in both new and familiar spaces. She is constantly absorbed in capturing the small details that make these environments so unique. The quirky people, the landscape, the bits and pieces that are left behind.

A few of Orlie's clients have included The New York Times, Curbed and John Hopkins Medical Review.


How did we get our name?

Our name derives from the Galvin coat-of-arms from Annie’s family in Ireland, pictured above. We were drawn to the bold design of the three fish, and by the phrase “By Industry We Prosper.”

Annie’s dad bought this for us in Dublin as a wedding gift, and it is proudly displayed on the wall as you enter our studio.


Our Story