#365AnnieDoodles Week 17: Braces, Books, and Bey

Yo yo! Y'all ready for this?

We're *seventeen* weeks into 2016--that's 119 days if you're counting--and Annie's got a bunch of silly/fun/genius new doodles to share. Check out our wrap-up below, and get a daily dose over on Instagram. If you see a doodle you can't live without, we're (eventually) uploading *all* of 'em to our shop in limited edition sets of 20


I love this huge smile with imperfect teeth and braces without a face. 

Doodle 119. Teeth are always in style. Words of wisdom (ha!) from Dr. Seuss. #365anniedoodles

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I love how this turned out. I cut out some house shapes out of cardboard; laid them out in a little group; drew around them with pencil outlines; then picked a palate, and went with it. It made me happy to do all those steep roofs and colorful windows.It looks like an unnamed European village populated by characters created by Wes Anderson.


This is another in the series of Books I'll Never Write; I did it at Green Apple on Independent Bookstore Day, which was appropriate. The pun just makes me laugh. 


This might be my favorite of the whole year. I painted a glass of lemonade with watercolors--put a little slice of lemon in it and everything--then was looking for the perfect Bey quote. But I thought: I’d rather say something about how amazing she is instead. All the thinkpieces are great, because it shows people are paying close attention, but also: Just shut up and listen to it.


I have all these vintage books that I use for my collages, so they're all kind of loose pages at this point. I had cut these two kids out before so all that was left was their silhouette, which I traced with a pencil onto a piece of paper, then painted over in black. 

Doodle 114. Everything was lovely and nothing hurt. #365anniedoodles

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I painted this one at a Social Sketch night at The Secret Alley in the Mission. Such a great spot!

Doodle 125. Get your head out of your apps! #365anniedoodles

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