#365AnnieDoodles Week 19: Mountains, Moonshine, and More Stuff in Our Online Shop!

Super news, folks! We're pretty much all caught up now with #365AnnieDoodles in our online shop, which means almost 150 unique works of art to choose from, starting at a cool $20. Scroll through the series--here to buy, and on Instagram to browse and follow for daily updates--and marvel at Annie's incredible creative endurance. (Yeah, we're proud.) Let's see how it's going with our gal!



Uline--where we order our bags and backing boards--sent us a very free, very glossy 2016 calendar this month, which exclusively featured white-tailed deer. So I cut out their heads and made stencils out of them. This stag got a bit of gray, blue, and black ink, with a profusion of flowers. I love it, and think it turned out really well. It just shows you can make art out of anything-- even a cheap, late calendar from a supply company. 


Annie paints a pied pachyderm.

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I was still in animal mode when I decided to get out my elephant stencil and paint it with a harlequin-style pattern, which took forever--almost all day in the studio!--because of all the straight lines and corners. I didn’t realize until people commented on Facebook that there’s an elephant named Elmer who has a similar look! 


About eight or nine years ago, I drew and cut out a stencil of a bear with a little girl. I just recently found it, and thought it was the perfect thing to go over this background of the woods, which I had been waiting to use. I love how the little girl's smile if half hidden by the sleeve of her dress.


We had a group of bluegrass musicians come jam in our backyard a few weeks ago, and it was SO beautiful, and so melodic, and so lovely. They sounded like angels. One guy had just recently moved here from Tennessee; he drove a truck cross-country with all his things, which included ten gallons of moonshine. He brought a mason jar full of it, and passed it around. I didn't know what I wanted to doodle that day until then. 



I've been watching a time-traveling bodice-ripper on Starz called "Outlander"--full of attractive Scottish men in kilts, heaving bosoms, and beautiful Scottish countryside--which Eric thinks inspired this doodle of hills and staircases and castles.   


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