Big Day: We Received a Small Business of the Year Award!

May 24th was a major day for us at 3 Fish Studios. After an incredible four years in our creative home in the Outer Sunset, we were so honored to receive a Small Business of the Year award from our fantastic District 4 Supervisor Katy Tang. And: Boy-oh-boy, it was also Eric’s 50th! What a way to celebrate…

We spent the afternoon at City Hall, accepting our certificate with a truly incredible group of local organizations; great company in a great city, and we couldn’t be prouder to be a part of our little coastal community that makes up one of the many incredible neighborhoods that form San Francisco.



In addition to the main event, we were able to finagle a (long-awaited) trip to the top—like, the very, super, total top—of the gilded dome. YUP! Many vertical steps took us up through the inner structure o the heights to lay eyes on one of the most breathtaking, heart-lifting, all-around views of this place we love so dearly.

We know not everyone will get the chance to make the climb, so we wanted to share some of our favorite pics of some of our favorite people with some of our favorite people. Thank you to everyone for supporting us!!


Sean and Paul Madonna watch their heads on the way in. Orlie makes a totally normal face when ascending a circular staircase in a governmental building. Sean is delighted. 


Our first stop--inside the building, above absolutely everyone. 


This is what it looks like behind the scenes. That's olden horsehair in the plaster! 


 Only 130 more steps...


What. A. View. 


Selfie-ception with Joen Madonna and Annie. 


The 3 Fish Studios gang (from right): Jordan, Annie, Eric, Sean, and Orlie. 


Our Oceans 11 moment (from left): Orlie, Annie, Paul, Joen, Eric, and Sean. 


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  • Scott Bloom

    I just bought my first 3fish original (“Ocean Beach Republic”). I love it, everyone who has seen it loves it, and I’m thrilled for you guys.

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