California Wildfire Relief Campaign Raises $100,000

We are thrilled to announce that our efforts to raise money with our "I Love You California" print collection has remarkably resulted in $100,000 to donate to relief efforts.

Eric Rewitzer and Annie Galvin didn't do it alone.  The campaign would not have been this successful without the generosity of their good friends Dave and Gina Pell. Within hours of the campaign's launch via an email blast to our subscribers on Wednesday, October 11th, Dave announced in his daily newsletter NextDraft that they would match dollar-for-dollar the funds raised in the campaign. 

Within minutes of that announcement, Gina broadcast the same news to her savvy subscribers at The What.

The first day of the campaign resulted in $20,000 in orders.

As word continued to spread of our efforts, day 2 brought even more awareness from 7x7 Magazine.  After publishing a story about how artists are bringing beauty to the fire relief efforts, orders started pouring in.  By the end of the day Thursday, it was clear $50,000 in orders would be placed. 

One order had this note attached:

"I want to purchase 4 of these 8x10 prints. However, please do not ship. Please keep in reserve for future use by families who will be rebuilding in the next 1/2 years. Something new for their new walls."

We want to thank all of you for being part of this campaign.  We will take our responsibility to distribute these funds very seriously.  We are honored you have given us this opportunity to be of service.

Art plays such a vital role in our communities, culture, and common cause.  We are incredibly grateful for your support of our continued efforts in doing the work we love.




  • Jody Llewellyn

    What a beautiful effort in every way. Is your fundraising campaign still open? I already own one of these wonderful prints purchased in SF a few years ago, but would love to shop for more & also share with my network. Kindly LMK, and thank you for your generosity and love for California in this time. {— From a CA native currently relocated to CO, but will return someday}

  • Jenna Williams

    This is making me cry. I want to fill the walls of those rebuilding their homes too

  • Nancy Enge

    Thank you for doing this! It’s beautiful and inspirational, as well as generous.

  • Linda Rosso

    Seeing these make me smile. We have been evacuated for 5 days. I am going to buy prints for my house. Because I have hope there is a house that will survive this!

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