A New Year

Hello, this is Annie enjoying a crisp sunny Sunday in our studio. After the craziness of the holidays I always love getting back into the swing of making new work in January. I am currently working on drawings of surfers and local houses for a large public mural in the neighborhood. Thankfully, I am not the one who has to get on a lift and actually paint it, but I am happy to be contributing some drawings, and I'm looking forward to seeing them eight feet tall on the wall.


I'm also excited about working on some new collage work. I like to paint my own patterned paper  and characters, which I then cut out and juxtapose with images from vintage books. I just place things next to each other until they make sense, and then the glue comes out. I pair images with phrases I have painted in ink.  They can be overheard snippets of conversation, dialog from a movie, or lines from songs and poems. 

Eric is also working on new prints. Just today he finished a new carving of the Golden Gate Bridge. He pulled a proof on the press, was pleased, and then went off to watch the Forty Niners/Packers game!

I am enjoying the calm today, listening to Alison Krauss radio on Pandora and drinking tea. 

Last month, this was the usual scene at weekends, a studio full of visitors and me walking around with an iPad taking Square payments. I like that too of course!

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