#365AnnieDoodles Week 13: Beards, Babes, and Stripey Jumpers

It’s been a couple weeks since we checked in with the Annie, who’s been on a few trips with materials in tow—but goddamnit she’s keeping on keeping on with her daily doodles no matter the location.

In the meantime, we’ve loaded a whole new batch into our online shop! There might be a bit of a delay between peeping your new fave on Instagram or Pinterest and finding them for sale, but they’ll all be available in time (we promise!).


Now, let’s hear how our gal’s doing.

Yo Annie! What is up??

Everything’s going great! I was in Ireland with family for a week, and it forced me to pull out my little mini art studio and set it up (with my nephew and niece looking over my shoulder). I tried to work in the morning or early afternoon so I could take a picture of the finished product with natural light, and while it took me a while to get in the groove, I really like a lot of the art I made over there.

One of the first was the embroidery: “I like sweet cake,” which was fun because it’s in a different medium.

When I painted these trees I asked my niece what kind of bird to add. She said woodpecker, which was perfect.

When I go home to Ireland, I love hanging out in my hometown with my family. Eric usually comes with me to every other visit—I made this for him, as he stayed in San Francisco this time.

Doodle 85. All the way from Ireland, for Eric. #365anniedoodles

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I first painted this silhouette on a white, and I wasn’t really fond of her. Then I went and added a black background—so I was able to make her neck a bit thinner—and I liked her a lot better.

Doodle 88. My last doodle in Ireland. Done at my sister's kitchen table today. #365anniedoodles

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This one was hard to get out of me—it took me a while.

Doodle 90. Playing with wallpaper. #365anniedoodles

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So much of collage is just about assembling the right pieces. I had painted the woman, the background, and the banner separately (from a quote in my notes app). I was playing around with all the pieces and when I put them together I was like: “Yep. Get out the gluestick.” I love how Astonish Me girl turned out.

Doodle 91. Painted background, trees, tattooed girl, and words. Hitting a lot of the Annie motifs today! #365anniedoodles

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I went to the big book sale at Fort Mason last weekend to search for collage materials, and I really had to be ruthless—there were wonderful books there that hit just the right note, but were too similar to others that i have at home. I still left with two bags of stuff! The two old fashioned men are from a great old book filled with wood engraving illustrations called “From Peddlers to Merchant Princes,” that I got for $1. I decided to cut them out and dress up their beards a little. Later I found out they were Andrew and William Smith, who inherited and ran their father’s “cough candy” business back in the 1800s, and it’s still around today! The funniest thing is that they were better known as Trade and Mark, thanks to early packaging that split the word across the box beneath their photos.


For this one, I drew the outline of the sweater, then freehanded the strips with acrylic paint, putting in folds when I could. When it was dry I erased the pencil mark; it’s pretty cool because your brain fills in the wrinkles. I’d like to do more simple little drawings like this.

Doodle 96. Stripes! #365anniedoodles

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Any thoughts on or plans for the upcoming week?

Well, we’re getting lovely long evenings now that are brighter, so I’d like to take pictures of cool houses and buildings in the Outer Sunset for inspiration. I’m also working on a new embroidery, and still have to go through all those books I got at the sale to see if there’s any gems for collecting.

Shweet. Can’t wait to see what you come up with. See ya next week!!


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    Love my print of doodle #85 and nice to chat with you Annie

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