New and Improved

We are all settled into our new digs here at 3 Fish Studios. Here are some shots of the new space I’d like to share with you.

The main entrance hall has plenty of room to showcase our work.

So much working space!

Nice little lounge area to chill.

The printmaking stations are nicely lit.

A great place to pull an edition.

Nights have a great vibe here.

Our classes are doing well, and what a great place to work.

Racks full of fresh prints.

Dogpatch has its own kind of charm. I love the urban grit.

The light at sunset is, well, incredible.

This plant will be coming down this year. Glad I got this hero shot of it.

I love looking at the boats on the Bay.

Too cool.

Our studio is open most days. Give us a call at 415-865-0420 if you want to stop by and see for yourself!

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