Blue Nudes

For years I have enjoyed life drawing.  When I started seriously drawing the figure again back in 2007, my line became much more confident, and as a result I ended up with some pretty good contour drawings. These drawings stayed with me, and I always wanted to do something with them.  Last week, I figured out what to do.

I took my drawings and photographed them, then sized them down to 4.5" wide in Photoshop.  Next, I transferred them to some linoleum blocks and got busy.  A day's work later, I had 5 blocks carved out.  I printed them separately and as a group.  Here is the result of a group of four print:

The color is awesome, isn't it?  It is Pantone 2727, which I had leftover from some invitations I printed earlier in the day.  I found out that regular offset-press ink works just fine on my etching press, which means I can get Pantone colors at my neighborhood ink shop.  Very pleased with that knowledge, and the result.

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