Famous Tweets

Earlier this year, Twitter's art buyer came through the door of our studio and proceeded to give us a few commissions.  Annie kept busy with Twitter Republic and 140 Mile Drive paintings, featured in this article on Techcruch back in June.

It took a few rounds, but Eric just finished these prints based on famous tweets, selected by the top brass at Twitter. He collaborated with the good people of Dependable Letterpress, who in addition to doing the best custom printing in the city, do beautiful calligraphy work as well.  It was fun to choose the robot for the tweet.  We think we got it right.  Tell us what you think:

This tweet is during Conan's awkward transition phase. Eric had to give the robot's headlamp a splash of red.

We didn't know who James Buck was, but after reading this article, we understood why Twitter picked this tweet.

We thought this robot worked well with the Obama tweet.  Round head, O's, sense of surprise and humility.

And this robot looked the most feminine, as we did not want to offend Ms. Krums.

If you went to Mars, wouldn't you almost expect to see this guy?  Great tweet.

And this tweet of Shaq's is pretty aggro, so we married him with this robot.  And how about doing calligraphy from a phone text?  We think we are breaking gournd here!

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