#365AnnieDoodles: Almost Halfway There!

#354anniedoodles-local-artist-original-art-made-in-san-franciscoHoly wow--it's almost July. That means we're nearly halfway through this year; which means that Annie is nearly halfway to her goal of #365AnnieDoodles! YES! It's really freaking happening. What began as a fresh tradition "to play and explore" has evolved into way more than a simple sketch project; she's produced hundreds of original pieces of art, experimented with all kinds of mediums and techniques, refined her style on old faves (badass ladies and lovely bears make multiple appearances...), and found entirely new subjects to explore (when will she find time to actually write "Birch Please: A History of Tree Puns"??). 

Let's see how she's getting on (but super quick--don't forget we're selling prints of ALL her doodles! Check it!)

ANNIE! You're almost at 183 doodles. How you feeling?

I can't believe I'm almost halfway done! When I first started, I didn’t expect to be doing so much of a finished piece of art every day--I thought they’d be simple, something I’d do in ten minutes--and some of them are true doodles, but most of them are way more involved.


Are you a little exhausted, or feeling ready to tackle the rest? 

Here's an analogy. When i was in college, I never wrote papers until the last day before they were due, when I'd sit down, state at the blank screen and think: "At the end of today, there will be a paper where there wasn't one before. Just do it. You will create this paper., no question." And I never turned anything in late. 

Now, I have six months worth of drawings upstairs in six pretty boxes of drawings. I know at the end of the year there will be another six months worth of drawings in six pretty boxes. It will be interesting--and I'm excited--to see what’s there that’s not there now.


How do you feel, looking back on the past six months? 

I feel like it’s given me a lot of new images to add to my repertoire. We sell prints of each of the doodles I’ve done, but oftentimes, I'll try a bigger or more complex version of the ones I like best. In fact, I just did a new version of the shark monster I painted way back in January for an upcoming show in Point Richmond.


Anything in particular you're planning for the next six months? 

I might try to do theme weeks: colors; collage; all text based; printing on eric’s photos. These are all things I’ve done over the past six months, and it could be good to see what it’s like to put some real restraints on what I do. I'd also love to add printmaking into the mix; maybe I'll carve a plate one day. 

Cannot wait to see!


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