September 2015: New Prints, New Shows, New Classes!

Yup--the sun does shine in the Outer Sunset! And when it does, the studio seems to glow from within. Eric and Annie are back from their travels through Ireland with the fam, and things are busy as ever in SF. Lots of exciting events coming up, and we've added some great new prints to the shop. Hope to see you soon!

Latest and Greatest Prints for Sale!


New States of Love!

After a brief hiatus, Annie’s back painting her States of Love series. (YAY!) Each print is adorned with a bright take on the state’s official flower; the latest spots to get the bear-hug treatment are Georgia (Cherokee rose!), Arizona (saguaro cactus blossom!), Maine (white pine cones!), and Colorado(columbines!). Browse the entire set here, and if your home isn’t yet available, be patient—she’ll get to all fifty (eventually).


This damn drought is still drying up our great golden state, so Annie teamed up with the California Coastkeeper Alliance to paint a mascot with a positive message for the water-conservation cause. We're donating 25% of the profits from sales of this print to the organization, and encourage everyone out there to embrace good-lookin' native plants. Buy yours here!

Locals Only for FourSquared

Sixteen artists--including our very own Annie!--were chosen to produce 16 small pieces for Arc Studios & Gallery's annual FourSquared show, which opened on August 29th. She painted an entirely new series of 8x10s celebrating San Francisco’s unique neighborhoods. Each original painting is available for purchase for $200, and we’re selling a poster featuring the whole set here.

San Francisco Icons for FourSquared

Eric will also be showing at the concurrent FourSquared alumni show, with a quartet of prints inked over an incredible vintage PG&E utility map from 1928. All of these are now available in our online shop: Golden Boy, Good Morning Sunset, Sutro Heights, and Homeward Bound. Check out both exhibitions through September 26th.

Mark Your Calendars!

Sausalito Art Festival

It’s almost time for the 63rd annual Sausalito Art Festival, from September 5th through the 7th! Eric will be holding down booth #421 with a huge selection of hand-pulled relief prints (California Landscapes? Check! Japanese Monsters taking over SF? Yup!). Pop across the bridge or take the ferry for a little Labor Day diversion and a whole lot of creative inspo.

Learn to Carve Lino at Our Printmaking Classes

Classes? Oh yeah, we’ve got classes. Come hang at the studio for a two-session tutorial on how to carve and print your very own linocut, based off an image that you love. This month we have availability for the back-to-back Tuesdays of September 15th and 22nd, and September 29th and October 6th. Click here for more info!

Drink Steam With... 3 Fish Studios!

It’s been 50 years since Fritz Maytag revived the Anchor Brewing Company, turning the all-but-flat SF brewery into a new craft beer revolution. Now they’re celebrating with a series of boozy events with local makers. On Tuesday, September 22nd, we’ll be cheersing with pints, and a custom lino cut by Eric; everyone in attendance will get to ink and pull their own print to take home. Location TBD—will keep yas posted!

Mothra's Getting Steamrolled at Roadworks

On Sunday, September 27, 2015, the block of SF's Rhode Island Street between 16th and 17th becomes a community hub for arts, crafts, creative vendors, and--oh yeah--a seven-ton 1924 Buffalo-Springfield Coal Powered Steamroller pressing oversized linocuts right there on the pavement. The12th Annual Roadworks Steamroller Printing Festival is organized by the San Francisco Center for the Book, and is one of the best spots to catch up with an incredible array of local talent. Eric will be there with a brand new Mothra plate, the latest in his awesome Giant Monster--aka daikaiju!--series.

Art for AIDS

Both Eric and Annie donated work to Art for Aids this year. The juried live and silent auction will take place on Friday, October 9th, with benefits going to HIV/AIDS and LGBTQ mental health work done at the UCSF Alliance Health Project. Eric and Executive Director D.K. Haas pulled this red Godzilla print together, and Annie painted an I Love You California bear for the cause. Tickets are available here.

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    hmmmmm or how about doing matrix style 360 degeers around a flower . taking 360 photos, offsetting the camera 1 degree each picture around the object of interests centrifugal centre . and ending up with a loopable 360 dgree view of the subject on video? fasinating visualisation .

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