Goings-Ons: What We Loved This Week

We wrapped up at the Sausalito Art Festival last weekend--it was *hot* and busy but lots of fun--and are barreling head-first into a whole lot of other good stuff. Check it out: Here's what kept us going this week, and will keep us going into the next. 


I’m happy to be participating in the Re:Make Festival this Saturday, September 12 at Fort Mason. This is the 3rd year of Brit + Co’s Re:Make summit and festival, and it’s sure to be really inspiring and fun. Stop by the Festival Pavilion 10am-5pm on Saturday to shop from over 100 makers.


I’m working on a new Mothra linocut for the upcoming Roadworks event at the San Francisco Center for the Book--the latest in my Creature Feature series with Godzilla, Gamera, and King Ghidorah. Right now I’m in the planning stage; I know I want to feature the twins and a San Francisco landmark. I'm thinking it might be kind of cool to use Peace Park in Japantown. 

Once I get my drawing done, I need to enlarge it to be the size of the plate--three feet by three feet--then I’ll transfer it onto the linoleum, and then I have to carve that puppy.

After it's carved, I can start having some fun--experimenting by printing on different materials like Japanese books and maps and origami papers. I’m definitely going to do another one in the series of the Katakana text.



Fun fact about me:

When I was about 4 years old, my dad moved my family to Paris for his sabbatical. We lived there for about 9 months, and honestly I don’t remember much - The few snippets I have held onto include accidentally flushing a prized pacifier down the toilet, my parents being shamed by my preschool teacher for not teaching me to use a fork and a knife, and my siblings watching a lot of Euro MTV. What stuck with me to this day though, is I became that small kid who would rather eat an oozing camembert over string cheese.
If it’s blue, it’s better. Ooey-gooey and smells like something that shouldn’t go in your mouth, I want it on my cracker! 
So of course I’m excited for this year’s SF Cheese Fest coming to the Bay Area September 18th-20thCheck out the event here!
It’s gonna have a Gouda assortment of cheeses and local cheese makers! 
Cheddar see you all there!

So I am a huge music nerd. This week I have really been into Hop Alongs new album, Painted Shut.

I have also started classes at CCA (California College of the Arts). I'm working towards a degree in illustration. So far it has been AWESOME! [above: Camping, available here]


I'm almost a little too excited about The Crafty Fox. This new bar is situated on the corner of Mission and Duboce, under the freeway, across from the skatepark, and about six doors down from me (YASSS!). They have a genuinely awesome selection of beer, from the schmancy snifter-types to the full pint-ers, plus big windows for people watching and super food. I'm (slowly) learning about the finer points of brews and brewing, so I can't offer any knowledgable tips about what to get when you're there, but I can say I've tasted a healthy selection of stuff and it's all good. Plus: Holy WTF their lunchtime BLT. DAMN. Well worth a trip. Cheers! [pic: from Yelp]


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