Weekend Update

Hello again!  

D here, all by herself at the studio this week as the main gang heads (even further) west to enjoy the life of liesure in lovely Hanalei (wait--is that where Puff the Magic Dragon lives?).  That is: Eric and Annie are enjoying some down time and finding artistic inspiration in beautiful (but apparently very rainy) Hawaii.  But that doesn't mean the week hasn't been without excitement, and there's been lots going on. 

Last week we partnered up with LivingSocial to give new and returning fans another 50% off deal, and the response has been overwhelmingly positive.  We've been crazy busy filling orders, pulling prints, and taking box loads of merchandise to the post office to be shipped out.  It feels great :)

In case  you missed it, we had a great time at City Art's First Friday Reception last week.  Eric's new work included the last framed Godzilla from the Roadworks Festival, hanging at eye level and demanding attention from passerbys off the street.  We were pretty excited to hang it up!  We also included some good ol' San Francisco Icons and the famous "Four More Beers" for Obama print.  It's a nice selection, and it looks great!

Annie's been experimenting with her paintings lately, too--new I Love You bears, 49 Mile drives, more crazy colors, and "more love/less talk" between a bear and its state.  We think shes on to something with these new I Love Yous:


We love the color explosion!

RUMOR HAS IT: If you're an avid PItchfork grazer or fan of lo-fi indie surf pop, you may have heard that LA-based Best Coast announced their new album this week, and whose album art "bears" a striking resemblance to a familiar friendly bear hugging California.  


Sadly, no, Best Coast did not commission Annie for their album artwork (both the bears were born from California's state song, "I Love You California," whose sheet music features the first common ancestor of the iconic image you know and love)--but if DID happen that way, it would probably look something like this: 

What do you think?

Don't forget to check out our work at the new Rare Device on Hayes and Divisadero, opening this week!  We've got lots of stuff to see, including the "color explosion" California bear, lots of framed work, and a handful of Annie's playful paintings--and their new space rocks!

Have a great weekend :)

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