Friday Fish List: What We Loved This Week, 11/13/2015


We're getting ready for the holiday rush (plus Small Business Saturday on November 28th!). Yesterday Orlie and Eric mixed a selection of beautiful colored inks, then prepped and pulled a bunch of prints. 

Baby it's crisp outside (yasss), but here are a few things that warmed the cockles of our collective hearts this week...

(Programming note: We've rebranded our weekly Goings-Ons series as the Friday Fish List. Annie came up with the title, and it's just too damn good.)


Zippered bags! This week I took a sewing class with my friend Ashli at a wonderful store in Mill Valley called Once Around. I picked up two lovely fabrics and used them for both the lining and the outside of my two completed bags. I even managed a zipper with a sewing machine, which is something I've never done before. I would love to be better at sewing so this is a start, and I love the bags I made. 



This past week I revisited my childhood with a crafternoon of shrinky drink fun. I was completely absorbed in the process. I forgot how fun and exciting it was to create little drawings and watch them transform into miniatures. I plan on making some fun pins out of these. I highly recommend picking up a pack of shrinky dink plastic next time you’re at an arts/craft store. 



Love this print we have from local artist Tyler Bewley!



Orlie is a great artist. She can draw a buffalo from memory (seriously, I've seen her do it...) and can make magic with Shrinky Dinks (see above). All of her illustrations and doodles and ceramics and prints are lovely and funny and sweet and fun. Yesterday in the studio she made some silly pictures of me and I like them A LOT. Yay Orlie!


Until next week -- KEEP IN TOUCH!

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