Friday Fish List: What We Loved This Week, 1/8/2016


Why, yes, that *is* our Orlie next to a life-sized bottle of Tapatio done by our talented pal Paul Madonna! It's been great to be back in the studio to kick off this brand new year, and we've got a lot of fresh-as-heck, exciting plans for 2016 that we can't wait to share (soon...). 

Some tidibits! Have you checked out our resident doodlers? Both Annie and Orlie are doing a drawing-a-day and they are *great*. We'll be doing regular round-ups here on the blog, but check out their Instagram feeds (and our Twitter and Pinterest) for a daily dose. A peek:


And now, here are a few things we're digging and think y'all might like, too. Enjoy!


I am obsessed with these gold elephants. I found them on Etsy (sold as balloon weights) for $5 each so of course I had to buy five. Then I gave those away as gifts to people who loved them as much as I did, and I ordered another ten! I'm sure my current herd of glamorous pachyderms will all find homes, and then I'm sure I'll order more. They are Au-some! 



I have been absolutely obsessed with my new leather bag made by the incredibly talented Ashli Reitz. It’s the perfect size, made with the most buttery, soft leather and has an adorable accented inner pocket for all my small treasures. Now hopefully I can keep it clean unlike all my canvas bags which have permanently been stained with coffee and dirt. 



Here’s a way to walk out into our wild Pacific Ocean without getting (too) wet.  Take a quarter mile walk out on the Pacifica Municipal Pier.  You will feel the full force of the waves and get to watch them break from a whole new way then when you are on the shore.  Kinda like virtual surfing.  Then pop into the funny little cafe at the base of the pier to warm up with a cup of hot coffee.  Pacifica Pier is located at: 2100 Beach Blvd Pacifica, CA 94044



Just before the holidays I finished M Train by Patti Smith and I've been thinking about it ever since. This woman has had a *life*, and she remembers--and experiences it, and expresses it--so, so beautifully. I appreciate that she finds such joy in simple things like cups of coffee, detective shows, old coats, and rundown seaside living, and her earnest style captures a unique sense of everyday wonder that makes my heart feel things. 



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