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Friday Fish List: What We Loved This Week, 1/15/2015

Posted by Jordan Kushins on


Heyo, happy Friday! What's up, weekend peeps? How's the new year treatin' yas? We're ramping up with some fun new projects at the studio, including #365AnnieDoodles, Annie's new doodle a day project (there she is hard at work, above). Orlie's got one going on as well--it's #365orliegrams over on Instagram. Get inspired! 


Without further ado: Our fave bits and bobs from the week...


Stormtrooper socks!



I recently bought a set of new watercolor inks by Dr. PH Martin, and I am loving playing with them and trying new stuff. January is always a fun time for me to explore new materials and techniques and see if there's any creative classes I can take. 



Wondering what to do with winter beets?

Norwegian Beet Salad

Peel and shred one beet, one carrot and one Apple.

*1 cup chopped nuts (like walnuts)
*Half cup shredded dried coconut (sweet or unsweetened)
*2 tbs lemon juice
*1 tbs fresh minced ginger
*1 Tbs toasted sesame oil
*Some chopped parsley

Mix together and enjoy this crisp, delicious winter treat. 



A few weeks ago--after Christmas but just before the new year--I was driving back to SF from southern California with some pals. We stopped in Pismo Beach for a bite and wandered by a lovely little quilt shop; I collect scraps and trinkets and thought I might find a treasure inside. I was right! They had a bolt of fabric featuring the most wonderful little festive scene, illustrated by someone named Tammis Keefe. I bought two panels then did a little research, and this woman was incredible! She worked at Disney, was art director of Arts and Architecture for a bit, and made a fantastic--like, really fantastic, and really vast--collection. Here's a wonderful post for more on her fascinating life and work. Swoon.



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