#365AnnieDoodles Week Three: Sexy Gulls, Bad Puns, and Pink Llamas


We're nearly a month into this year and Annie's going gangbusters with her Doodle a Day series (named, appropriately, #365AnnieDoodles). All of the originals are kept in a bright red box in her studio; yesterday we laid a selection out together and dang--what a collection!

Annie! How goes?? 

I’m really enjoying it! And I'm not freaking out, because just doing it has given me momentum.

Last week you mentioned experimenting with different materials. How's that coming along?

I already feel myself playing into different areas. I was doing some collage stuff today; I think I might use some of my clay doodles, too; and I want to do a little exploration carving linoleum plates and doing some printmaking because... why not! Maybe that would be interesting to have a totally different medium pop up in the middle of everything.

Are you planning out your pieces, or just riffing on what ideas come to you?

When I sit down and just let my mind think, I’ll come up with something like the big pink llama of love. (I have a very weird mind.) I haven’t had to jot down notes but maybe that’s something I’ll resort to as time goes on. But I just decided today I’m going to collage ext week, so I went through my box of paper ephemera and thought of some pieces I could make when it comes to it.

Have you found that these one-offs have influenced your work outside this series?

Sometimes a small doodle I do will encourage me to do a big version, which becomes something that I love a lot.

Any faves from this week? 

The gull is my favorite because it makes me laugh every time I look at it.

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Doodle 15. Back to the girls! #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 16. It's the perfect day for a big pink llama of love! #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 18. Her tattoos gave her away. #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 19. Haters gon' hate! Vintage magazine and paint on board. #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 21. Some of us are looking at the stars. #365anniedoodles

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