Get Chummy With the Fishes: Annie Galvin


Last year was a biggie for us, with lots of growth and a few new faces here at the studio. Now it's time to introduce the gang and... Get Chummy with the Fishes! First up is a woman you know and love; say hello to the one and only Annie Galvin, folks!

If you pop by our studio in the Outer Sunset, you'll see original 3 Fish Annie Galvin's work all over the walls--her I Love You California bears, 49 Mile Scenic Drive gulls, and one-of-a-kind paintings, clever cards, ceramics, and collages are everywhere--but you might not see Annie herself. She's here almost all the time, but her creative happy place is upstairs from the shop, at a strategically cluttered table overlooking our backyard, surrounded by her artistic tools and supplies. When she hangs with the gang downstairs, her wickedly silly sense of humor (and inexplicable infatuation with tiny novelty rubber hands) gives everyone the giggles. 

This year she's doing a brand new series, #365AnnieDoodles, with all kinds of fun stuff in all kinds of fun mediums... Every! Single! Day! Follow along on Instagram, Twitter, Pinterest, and here on the blog

Let's get to know this irrepressible Irish gal, shall we?

Hi Annie! What’s your role at 3 Fish Studios:

I’m one of the founders, along with my husband, Eric Rewitzer. We started 3 Fish Studios because we both love to paint and make things and were getting tired of working corporate jobs. Now it’s been ten years and it’s working out great! I spend a lot of time upstairs at the studio, painting, doing collage, and experimenting with new creative techniques. I like to say I manage the business too, but truthfully Eric does that (and he’s better at it than me).


Eric and Annie at their first ArtSpan Open Studios, in their Richmond District garage. 

What brought you to San Francisco:

I moved here from Ireland when I was 23. I had a couple of older relatives in the US, but I only knew one woman my own age; she lived in San Francisco so I thought: I’ll go there! I’ve been here ever since, and I love it. So it’s just luck and good fortune that brought me here, to the most amazing place in the world.

Pie or cake:

I would say pie, for sure. I like rhubarb and strawberry.

Current favorite spot in the city:

I love Andytown. The baked goods are amazing and the coffee is amazing and we love the owners. Whenever Eric and I start our morning over there we’re all set up for the day and it’s great. I’m also going to say the Ortega Library as I’m obsessed with library books.


Current favorite spot (anywhere) outside the city:

We spent two weeks last year in my dad’s hometown of Dingle, in County Kerry on the west of Ireland.  I have loads of family there, so it’s a combo of being in a beautiful place and sitting around the table with beer or wine or tea with everyone and telling stories.


Medium of choice:

I’m having fun playing with watercolor and ink right now. They’re very versatile and I love the effects I get, but it takes a lot of practice.


Best soundtrack for being creative:

I love listening to the Bob Moses Pandora station—really melodic dance music that I love to paint and zone out to. I also paint a lot while listening to podcasts. My top three would Never Not Funny with Jimmy Pardo, NPR’s Pop Culture Happy Hour (NPR), and Limetown.

When I’m not at the studio, I’m most likely…:

I’m catching up with friends over coffee or wine; playing with clay in my ceramics class; or taking a walk along the beautiful beach that’s only two blocks away from our house.

A favorite object you own:

One of my favorite things is an umbrella that, when opened, looks like a circus tent. I saw it in a catalog years ago when I was away on my bachelorette weekend in Tahoe; I promptly fell in love with it, and ordered it immediately.


An artist you admire:

Mary Blair. I love her quirky sensibility and all the work she did, and was so excited about the exhibition she had fairly recently in SF at the Walt Disney Family Museum.


Stay tuned for more about each of the fishes, and in the meantime: KEEP IN TOUCH!

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