Friday Fish List: What We Loved This Week, 2/5/2016


Lookit our gal Orlie! She's been experimenting with all kinds of hues this week and coming up with some incredible combos. 

Eric's finishing up a busy week with a very chill Friday afernoon: A bit of sun, a bit of chat, a bit of Billie Holiday radio, a bit of watercoloring...


Both Eric and Annie are stoked about attending Snake, a new by Linda Fahey at the ever-awesome Rare Device. Opening tonight! Goooo check it out!


 And now: Some things we lurve...


I am really enjoying making silly and rude wall-hangings in my ceramics class. Nothing makes me giggle like a pretty little plaque with "arse" stamped 



This weekend is going to be beautiful - sunny and warm and February.  Total reminder of why I live in California.  And I plan to be hanging out here, in the back yard of the studio, with friends and visitors and cool pours of beers.  Around this California table - which I built with my friend Bob a few years back.  It comfortably seats 20 folks.  Come over and enjoy a cold one with us.



Here's a fun Valentine's event for you and your sweetie: The Book Arts and Special Collections Center presents the 5th Annual Valentine Broadside printing event onSaturday, February 6th at the SF Main Library.  Experience letterpress printing on the Library's 1909 Albion handpress and take home a unique keepsake for your sweetheart.  All are welcome to this free event on February 6th, from 2 to 4pm in the SF History Center on the 6th Floor of the Main Library.



It's easy to get caught up in how much San Francisco is changing--because wow, it really is--but there are some places that are like: Hey! There is still SO MUCH history is still standing in this city! Look around, why dontcha! Have y'all ever been to the Haas-Lilienthal House? This grand old Victorian was built in 1886, and is currently in the middle of a renovation process that is fine tuning the beaut, both inside and out. The first stage was just completed, and it's so cool; thanks to an architectural conservator who excavated through nearly 15 layers of paint, the building's original color--a gorgeous green--was deduced and reapplied, while craftsmen fixed wear and deterioration along the way. Stepping through the front door is like traveling back in time, truly. It's available for tours, and totally worth a visit. 



This week we had some fun with color. Check out these crazy Golden Boys



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