Get Chummy With the Fishes: Orlie Kapitulnik


Orlie is SO GREAT. If you've met her, you know that already, and if you haven't--well, you're gonna want to pop by the studio soon and say hello. For nearly three years now, she's been a 3 Fish fixture, making things run smoothly behind the scenes, and welcoming visitors to the shop. She is also a creative force to be reckoned with. Follow along on Instagram with her daily doodle project--#365orliegrams--and check out a few of her prints available on-site. 


In the meantime--let's learn a bit more about this little life-brightening sprite, shall we?

Hi Orlie! What's your role at 3 Fish Studios?

I wear very many small—and big—hats. I manage the studio production of the studio, which means I make sure that everything is running smoothly in terms of digital output and physical print output. I’m Eric’s right hand guppy, and assist him with all of his large format prints. You also might see me teaching our Tuesday printmaking classes; or working up front; or offering you coffee or tea during your 3 Fish browse. I also do some of design work, including hand-lettering on outgoing packages, or putting together online event banners and website updates.


Pie or Cake:

I’m a big lemon meringue pie fan. I would take a tart pie like that any day over most cakes...unless it's for breakfast..then I want cake with my coffee.. and maybe after lunch too... probably after dinner as well.

Current fave spot in the city:

The classic Ocean Beach experience—especially on the days where the fog is so thick and dense that you can hear the waves but can’t see them. So pretty. I love it.


Current fave spot outside the city:

I love the outdoors, but am not really the best camper, *but* I went camping at Salt Point back in the warmer months and I was very content there. 


OR! Albany Bulb— an “apocalyptic dog park” (as my sister calls it) that was built on a dump over in Oakland that features beautiful views of the city,  the randomest collection of sculpture made out of garbage and some pretty cool graffiti that spans the entire 2 mile walk.  My pup loves it too. 



Medium of choice?

Micron pen and Moleskine notebook.

Best soundtrack for being creative:

I’m going to go with Lord Huron for those mellower work days. But Annie introduced me to the new Rihanna album (ANTI) and I can't stop listening to it--it's really great for cranking out work... work work work work work.  

When I’m not at the studio, I’m most likely:

Sleeping. (Just kidding!) I'm probably making animated gifs out of doodles,  finding the best city views with my small dog, Olive, cooking with my buddies or making clay things with the coolest group at my weekly ceramics class at the JCC.




A favorite object you own:

M’lady is a little plastic figurine of a woman bowling. We’re close. I got her as a gift from my sister, who got it from a flea market. She’s a treasure, and accompanied me recently on a road trip up the west coast.


An artist you admire:

I have always been a total diehard Alexander Calder fan, specifically for the circus he created out of wire and found objects.


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