#365AnnieDoodles Week 5: Buy Your Fave(s) From the Series!

Big news! Big news! You--yes you!--can now own your favorite Annie Doodle. We've loaded the entire set (so far) online, and will keep updating as the year goes on. Each of these unique works of art will be offered in a (very!) limited edition of 20 prints. Get 'em while you can! 

Yo, Annie! Give us a little story from this week's creative output (which included nice boys, taking chances, and Alabama dresses). 

When I drew the Dala horse I wanted to him to say something in Swedish, so I looked up some phrases like "How much does this cost?" and "Where are your bathrooms?"--stuff you’d need on vacation--and the last one was: "My hovercraft is full of eels." I did a little research and found out it was from a Monty Python sketch about a badly translated hungarian phrasebook. 

Perfect. And now: Let's see dat art!  

Doodle 29. Down the rabbit hole. (I know it's a hare but down the hare hole didn't sound right.) #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 31. One month DONE! #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 32. Acrylic and white Signo pen (simply the best white pen ever made)! #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 34. A little bear wearing a dress made out of Alabama. #365anniedoodles

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