#365AnnieDoodles Week 6: Loves, Likes, and Giraffes

42 days in; 42 brand-spankin'-new pieces of original art. Did you know that all of Annie's daily doodles are for sale here on our site? Each will be printed in a (very!) limited edition of 20--get 'em while you can! In the meantime, here's the Annie with more on week six. 

Annie! How's your week going?

It's been a good week!

Shweet! Let's hear about it. 

Well, on Saturday I did a slightly Scandinavian-looking couple with matching sweaters on with one of my favorite quotes from Parks and Recreation: "I Love You and I Like You." People started reaching out to see if I could do custom versions that look like them and their significant others. I'm not good at drawing people that really look like who they’re supposed to, but when it’s a very simple cartoon and I have a few details--say, pink hair or ginger beard--then it can look accurate enough to make it work. That's been really fun and cool. [ED NOTE: You too can own one of these originals! Email us at hello@3fishstudios.com with hair length/color/type, skin tones, and names. Each $60 for an 8' x 8' one-of-a-kind work of art!]

Any other styles catch on?

The giraffe is one of my all time favorites. I cut it out of an old book and was going to collage him on that photo that Eric took; then I decided to trace around him and fill him in in black; and then I decided to see if my white acrylic pen would write on top--and it worked perfectly! I painted my favorite Lloyd Cole lyric over the top and I love it. I’m definitely going to do much more of those.

How about that incredible old envelope?

It's from 1928! I went to a paper ephemera sale a few years ago and got this huge bag of old letters and I love using them in collage, especially from when they were written so long ago. Paper turns such a lovely warm beige that looks great against bright white printmaking paper.

Love it. And now: seven days of doodles! 

Doodle 36. Girl with a cape. #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 37. "I love you and I like you," my favorite quote from Parks and Recreation. #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 40. I painted a dress I would love to find IRL. #365anniedoodles

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Doodle 41. Mr. Henry Pohler. Collage with stamped, addressed envelope from 1928. #365anniedoodles

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