Want a Tour?


The studio is all spruced up.  The calm before the storm, if you will.  July is going to be so busy, with Renegade shows in Los Angeles and San Francisco.  So while things are in order, I thought you might want to take a look around. 

Here is the entrance gallery.  To your right is a whole wall of original paintings by Annie. To your left is a selection of my linocut prints in frames. 

We have a couch for naps, and for sipping a cool beverage in the evening.  Some of my Port Authority paintings are hanging up above it, as well as a large  - OK, HUGE - California flag painting by Annie. We do special commissions for this flag all the time. You name the size and the color scheme, we deliver the painting.  Easy-peasy.

Here is my work area.  Paintings that are finished are hanging.  Paintings in progress are leaning against the wall.  The big black canvas is the next work.  Always something to work on!

Here is where the printmaking classes are held.  Everyone sits around the table and carves linoleum, then prints their creation on the etching press (behind you).  The table was rescued from the Sonoma Sheriff's office, and that big flat file in the back came from Chicago.  A little elbow grease brought them back to life. Craigslist is full of treasures if you are willing to put in the time!

Each one of my linocut prints is available framed at the studio.  Prices are right - small ones are $40 framed, and the large ones are only $100 framed.   

With over forty prints framed to choose from, you just might find the perfect gift. Or a treat for yourself. We take all credit cards.  Checks and cash are welcome, too. 

And yeah, the view out the window doesn't suck.  I kinda wish my initials were H.H., because this would be my Facebook photo.  

Anyway, that's our place.  Both Annie and I love it here.

And hey, I'm here almost every day, and I always welcome visitors.  Come on up and see us sometime!

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