Goings-Ons: What We Loved This Week


Super loving these sunny summer days at the studio! We're all hustle and bustle out here, prepping for a bunch of fun upcoming events and the enjoying the general busyness of our creative business. Here's a little glimpse into what got us going this week...


This Saturday, Sunday and Monday you will find me at the Sausalito Art Festival.  I'll be showing and selling my prints in Booth 421.  I'm thrilled to be in the company of Kathleen Lipinski, Rik Olson, Tom Killion, Fernando Reyes, and Audrey Heller.


This week I got a patch that I’m very excited to put on my 3 Fish Studios apron. It’s from a local shop in the sunset called establish, located on Noriega between 44th and 45th. It’s the perfect way to represent this wonderful neighborhood! Go check out this charming little studio shop!


"Rogue art at Ocean Beach." Don't forget to look up on the telephone poles when you're walking around - there's more surprise creations from this artist in the hood.


I have been following Bay Area artist Nicomi Nix Turner's work for a while now. I love how soft and detailed her drawings are. Also, I have been listening to this album on repeat all week.



This week I started re-reading a book I last picked up--and loved--a few decades ago. The Hitchhiker's Guide to the Galaxy is a goofball adventure by Douglas Adams that takes place very slightly before, but mostly after Earth is completely obliterated to clear the way for an intergalactic highway. I've only just started but have already picked up a few key pieces of advice: Don't panic; and don't forget a towel. 

See yas next week! In the meantime--keep in touch!

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