Godzilla Rises!

In preparation for the end of the world this year, 3 Fish is breaking out the big guns.  That means more monsters, more paintings, new prints, and unapologetic French girls. 

Eric has been experimenting with his Godzilla print; the massive 42"x42" monster makes its return to the studio as a chine-collé with old Japanese book pages and using a hand-pressed printing process.  It looks like it was torn from the archives of mid-century history.  We think it's pretty rad.

Here's a scene-by-scene look at the process and the final product:

Eric begins by inking the plate.

Then he runs some old book pages through the Xyron machine so that they're sticky.

He lays the pages down on the plate, sticky side up. 

It's a delicate process.

After laying paper on top of the pages, its time to "rub it out."  Almost done!  (He's really excited about that part.)

Get ready...



Monstrously cool.

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