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Meet the King!

Posted by Eric Rewitzer on

Watch Eric's newest print - King Gidorrah - as it is being pulled in the studio.   Archival digital copies available here for $50.00.

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Godzilla Rises!

Posted by Dani Rewitzer on

In preparation for the end of the world this year, 3 Fish is breaking out the big guns.  That means more monsters, more paintings, new prints, and unapologetic French girls.  Eric has been experimenting with his Godzilla print; the massive 42"x42" monster makes its return to the studio as a chine-collé with old Japanese book pages and using a hand-pressed printing process.  It looks like it was torn from the archives of mid-century history.  We think it's pretty rad. Here's a scene-by-scene look at the process and the final product: Eric begins by inking the plate. Then he runs some...

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