Goings-Ons: What We Loved This Week

Annie and Eric have been on fiyah with their artistic collaborations this week. On Tuesday, we had our Drink Steam event with Anchor Brewing Company at The Chapel. Lots of beer, *plus* everyone who came got to pull a custom Beer Hug print drawn by Annie and carved by Eric. 

And anyone who pops by the studio now can check out this incredible tree (top) that also offers the best of both of their creative worlds. So good.

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And now, without further ado, a few faves to lead into the weekend. 


Mothra takes flight!! We pulled the first proof in the studio this afternoon. Sunday (9/27) she's getting steamrolled--literally--at the 12th Annual Roadworks Printing Festival, hosted by the San Francisco Center for the Book. 


I am really loving playing with my new Holbien Artists' Watercolors this week. The quality and color saturation is wonderful and looks so vibrant on the paper. Watercolors can be hard to work with, but these lovely paints make it inspiring and fun. 


It is amazing to think that Ocean Beach was once home to the largest outdoor swimming pool in the world. Fleishaker Pool, built around 1922, was 1000 feet long and 150 feet wide and held an incredible 6,500,000 gallons of water - lifeguards patrolled the pool in row boats. The pool was closed in 1971 and is now the site of a parking lot for the SF Zoo. [pic: Fleishhacker Pool pool, looking south from diving platform, June 24, 1925. San Francisco Department of Public Works, via outsidelands.org]


I love old books! Especially old cooking ones. Here is a fun find from last weekend's big book sale over at fort mason center. I bought it for the charming illustrations both inside and outside... I see some inspiration for future printmaking projects! 


I fell in love with this slab pottery home-sweet-home when I first saw it situated on a tableful of treasures at the Alameda Point Antiques Faire a while back. I picked it up and put it down, hemmed and hawed, wandered away and wandered back, actually left the premises and got in the car to head home and had to stop and run--literally run!--back to buy it before it disappeared from my life forever. A quick Google search says it's a 1970s-era planter from Bennington Vermont. Someday I'll do a deep dive and research the mysterious "Lopez" whose work has brightened up my own little home-sweet-home. 



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