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It happened, people. Mothra finally touched down in San Francisco. Last weekend, the big benevolent bug got steamrolled on Rhode Island Street at the Roadworks Printing Festival, sponsored by the San Francisco Center for the Book. It was an awesome event, and this print is a true monster--the fourth in Eric's Creature Feature series.  

(Thanks to Katie Conforti for the vid!)

Here's a glimpse at what's been happening in our post-Mothra world. 


As a "palate cleanser' between larger projects I like to make greeting cards. I use collage, watercolor, acrylic, and the beautiful leftover printing paper from Eric's prints. We don't sell them online because they're all one-of-a-kind and they fly out of here pretty quickly, but we always have a selection of handmade cards at the studio. This week I've made a bunch!



Seeing Eric’s new 3’ x 3’ relief print of Mothra is dramatic indeed, but to even heighten your viewing experience, strap on some headphones and give a listen to a track from the band DaiKaiJu ("giant monster" in Japanese). They have a song dedicated to our new favorite moth called “The Trouble with those Mothra Girls." The whole album is great - surf rock/sci fi - check it out!


I am thinking about Nevada City and the Yuba River.  There is something about swimming in clear, cool water amongst tall trees and warm boulders of granite that make me feel like all is right with the world. (image: Wikimedia Commons)



I am a total sucker for all things yarn, and love buying local skeins as souvenirs when I visit new spots; it's the perfect reason to start a new project (not that I need one...) and a great way to remember great trips. Last weekend I drove up to Sea Ranch with some pals and passed by the Valley Ford Mercantile and Wool Mill and nearly passed out with excitement. This place was full of treasures; I bought some shweet stuff from Sea Ranch Woolworks (the beautiful blue ball below) and this cool cord-making lucet, carved from walnut by Tom Spittler. I've never seen this tool before, but it dates way, way back to ye olde Viking days. I'm still figuring out what to do with the knotted string I'm making, but I totally dig learning a new technique. 



I made this gif to celebrate it being Friday! YASS!



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