Goings-Ons: What We Loved This Week


Welcome to the weekend, friends. We're sending you off on this fine Friday with solid advice from Annie (above), and cool things we dig that we think you might just dig, too (below). Enjoy. 


We are gearing up for Open Studios this month--October 24th and 25th!--and I wanted to give a shout-out to Joen Madonna, ArtSpan's executive director. She works incredibly hard, and (with unflagging grace and good humor) has really turned the organization around in the last couple of years. Brava to Joen; we think you're awesome! This is Joen and me at an ArtSpan event earlier this year. 



I like Stay Wild magazine because they’re a bunch of kooky outdoorsmen from the Pacific Northwest who know how to have fun. On top of that, their publication is interesting, beautiful, and it’s something I look forward to getting. I think it’s great.



My dinosaur garden blooms in mysterious ways. Over the years, new dinosaurs magically appear and have become a source of continual amusement. During the night they must come alive because each day we find them in different places in the planter. Thanks to whoever the dinosaur fairy is on the Great Hwy!



Sometimes I come into the studio and find treasures like these waiting for me at my work station. 



Here are two goofy ways to pass time with good pals. One: Sketch their lovely face--without ever looking down at what you're doing as you go, and without taking your pencil off the paper. Calling these dopey portraits "abstract" is an understatement, but man, they are always great for a laugh. I liked the one my friend Asami made of her fiancee Joe so much that I turned it into an equally ridiculous stamp. Artistic collabo! Two: Pick a victim--er, muse. One person starts with a piece of paper and has 30 seconds to start drawing their face; when time's up, the pencil and sheet go to the next person, who adds more to the work of art, until it's made its way around the circle and the portrait is complete. (That's also Joe below, BTW. Feel free to say hi if you recognize him IRL...). 



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