Anatomy of a Print: An Eric Rewitzer/Paul Madonna Collaboration


We've got a lot of love for ArtSpan's Open Studios. It's where Eric and Annie got their creative kickstart ten years ago--from a makeshift gallery in their Outer Richmond garage--and now, a decade on, it's incredible to see how far they've come.

This year, Eric teamed up with local artist (and good pal) Paul Madonna to produce something special for the weekend festivities. For this edition of Anatomy of a Print, we've giving a glimpse behind the scenes of how these two combined their talents to create this incredible collaboration. 

Take it away, Eric!


"Paul drew the background--a scene from the Haight--with the understanding that I would carve a robot block in order to fit it... perfectly. I took a series of photographs of one of the members of my robot collection, which he photoshopped in for size, scale, and position. My challenge was to fit it in. In the pic above, I'm basically doing a drawing of the robot in the context of his drawing.  


On the right (above) is what it looked like after I drew the robot, paying special attention to where it hit the building. I had to make sure that part registered correctly. On the left is what my block looked like after a few hours of carving. 


Here's the finished block. By lining up the right-angled edge of the block with the right-angled edge of the drawing, the robot sits exactly where it's meant to be.


This is what Paul's drawing looks like before the robot is added.  


Paul examines the first proof!


I'm hand-painting ten prints for our Open Studios weekend in a variety of colors. 


 Finished print!


 It comes in blue, too. 


Check it out! Paul featured the print in his All Over Coffee column in the Chronicle. So cool. 


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