Goings-Ons: What We Loved This Week


This week we had a nice afternoon visit with our friend James. He runs the (very awesome) Aesthetic Union, a letterpress print shop and gallery in the Mission, and came by to print a blue edition of his lovely Luna linocut. Here he is (above), admiring his work with Jerry, one of our favorite locals.

In other news, the crisp weather has gotten us giddy--and a little goofy. Here's some of our thoughts and loves from the week....


Rubber hand Illusion! I bought a rubber hand specifically so I could subject everyone in the studio to the rubber hand experiment. I read a lot of neuroscience books and this illusion comes up again and again. I tried it on everyone and they tried it on me - and it works. It's the weirdest thing ever! The books I like are written for non-scientists of course. Oliver Sacks and VS Ramachandran are favorites, and I'm currently reading The Man Who Wasn't There by Anil Ananthaswamy.



I’m excited about Fall.   I love how the daylight is milky white, and at a low angle.  I love thinking that 55 degrees feels cool.  I even like the shorter days - time to tuck into a good book (I’m currently reading The Martian but haven’t seen the movie) and I like that there seems to be more time to do things in the evening.  Like making dinner, drinking a pint with friends, things like that.



November is here and the fall crisp air is making me want to layer all my warmest possessions until I’m basically a human burrito bundle. It’s also the perfect time of year to bust out my absolute favorite beanies (yes, I bought 2 they are that great). It’s stretchy but doesn’t stretch out, the logo is adorable and best of all they are so warm! Where can you get one? SF Skate Club! A great little shop on Divisidero in NOPA that serves as a shop, community space and hangout for local kids who share a love for skating. Keep your brains warm this fall folks, and support this wonderful club!



The rains are coming (fingers crossed). Here's a tip to turn any leather shoe into a rain boot. Get some natural beeswax-based Sno-Seal. Heat shoes or boots with a blowdryer to melt wax into leather and buff off excess. Works like a charm! Let the rains begin! (But note before you start: May darken some leather.)



Sometimes--oftentimes--when I'm at home, listening to tunes or watching 30 Rock (I'm almost always watching 30 Rock...), I'll grab some scrap cloth and do a little embroidery. For me, it's a bit like doodling. I don't have a pattern or a plan; I just kind of start stitching and see wha' happens. These dopey little hands turned out kind of cute. 


Until next time: KEEP IN TOUCH!

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