Holiday Gift Guide: Jordan!

holiday-gift-guide-made-in-san-francisco-local-artists’Tis the season to find that very special something(s) for your very special someone(s). It can be tough to track down just the right pressie, so we’re putting together a series of holiday gift guides full of great local stuff from great local artists and businesses. 

Here's what our social media gal Jordan's super into this year: 

Creamer and Sugar Bowl from Heath Ceramics (both $38)

Heath stuff is a little spendy, but oh boy is it beautiful. This Sausalito institution opened up a factory and shop in the Mission a few years ago, and all of their pottery is gorgeous--the kind of homewares you just want to display at all times. The shape of this creamer is perfectly bulbous, and I'm also way into the sugar bowl. Lots and lots (and lots!) of great items here!heath-ceramics-local-art-made-in-san-francisco-pottery

Succulent Letter Box from Flora Grubb (from $59)

I live in a (really) small apartment, and most of the available surface area has, over the years, been overtaken with a mix of succulents and collected treasures. I received one of these Letter Boxes earlier this year--a "J", natch--and it immediately became one of my absolute favorite things: It doesn't take up any precious space on table- or countertops, but stands out so wonderfully on the wall and has grown incredibly well. Also: Flora Grubb is soooo nice to visit. Lots of fantastic stuff for your favorite gardener--or wannabe gardener--plus a sweet little cafe. 


SA3 Leather pouch from Good West Co. ($95)

My good pal Amy of Good West Co. does incredible things with leather. All of her bags, pouches, and goods are handmade in her San Francisco studio, and she always manages to find the best swathes of material to make magic with. I dig this little leather pouch, but think the bigger bags are beautiful, too. 


Larry Letofsky Pottery (price varies)

Our neighbor Larry makes the most incredible pottery in his Outer Sunset garage. It's the kind of sturdy stuff that you just want to hold onto and use all the damn time.



Emerald Pendant from Yellow Owl Workshop ($44)

Yellow Owl Workshop rules. Chris Schmidt is hands-down one of the coolest creative chicks, period, and pretty much everything she does--stamps, kits, notecards--is just... fun. I've coveted her pendants for years, and she's expanded the line to include a ton of ace little designs. I'm into this Emerald design, but they're all great. 


Stem Mounted Bell from Mission Bicycle Company ($25)

This rad little dinger is the size of a spacer, so it fits right onto the stem of your bike rather than taking up precious real estate on the handlebars. I've never had a bell on my ride before, but think this bitty thing would be neat to have out there on the streets of SF. 


Printmaking Class from 3 Fish Studios ($150)

I've taken this class, and can attest that it is both very fun and highly informative, thanks to the setting--3 Fish Studios is cozy as hell--and the instruction. Orlie, who teaches the sessions, knows EVERYTHING, and is also funny, friendly, and super talented. Sign up on your own or with a friend. Good times guaranteed. 


Stay tuned for more Festive Fish Lists, and in the meantime -- KEEP IN TOUCH!

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