Friday Fish List: What We Loved This Week, 1/22/2016


Have you heard--we're having a Really Big Sale! Happening NOW! In-store and online, we've got steals and deals for yas all weekend long. 

In other news, Annie and Orlie are making magic daily with their their series--#365AnnieDoodles and #365orliegrams--and the studio's been bustling with general goings-ons and all kinds of good stuff. 

Here's a few things that we dug this week! 


This week Annie gave me some tips on how she makes her incredible galactic heart cards. Each one has bursts of teal and pink with flecks of silver and white which make them feel like you’re really peeking into outer space. I was interested in trying the process myself so I drew some kittens (of course) on our scrap printmaking paper. 

It’s much tougher than I expected. If the image has too much water on the surface you risk breaking through your lines when you ink and if there isn’t enough water the dark ink might absorb immediately into the paper rather than moving around to create those galactic lights and darks. 
Now that I have figured out that perfect balance, I can’t wait to make more of these!


Looking for an interesting day trip somewhere full of history and authenticity?  Try South San Francisco on for size.  Why, you ask? well…..

Stroll through the city’s charming 100 year old downtown along a three block stretch of Grand Ave and you will find a melting pot of locals with not a hipster in site. Georgian style City Hall at 400 Grand Ave was built in 1920 and is a replica of Independence Hall in Philadelphia.  It is right next to the neoclassical Grand Avenue Library built by Andrew Carnegie in 1916.
Getting hungry? For an old school vibe, hit up Bertolucci’s, an SSF landmark since 1928 for some Italian food, then grab a pineapple upside-down cake at Galli’s Sanitary Bakery (open since 1909) or a home made Mexican paleta at Pepito's--the Puddle of the Frogs--Ice Cream. Have a few dollars left in your pocket? Hit the scrappy St. Vincent De Paul Society thrift shop where you never know what you may find and you won’t pay much for it.
To get to SSF, take the Grand Ave exit off 101 and head west, or take a 5 minute taxi ride from SSF BART. Have fun! 


Have y'all watched Detectorists yet? Ohhh oh oh I love it. I freaking love it. It's a British series about two guys who take their metal detectors out into the fields in their small, fictional Essex town searching for Saxon treasure. It's wonderful and sweet and funny and you should check it out (streaming on Netflix, heyo!). Bonus: The theme song by Johnny Flynn is folksy and wonderful. I've listened to it maaaybe a million or so times in the last week alone. Swoon.


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